Do you know the guide for the adoption of steel grating

2020-09-03 16:55:54 mom42770871 0

The quality of the steel gratings sold in the market is uneven. We have contacted many customers, reflected various problems, found some procurement misunderstandings, and even some were deceived. As a factory that has been engaged in the production of steel gratings for many years, a few major misunderstandings are listed:

1. The appearance of the product is not strict, and the one-sided pursuit of low prices, as long as it can be used. In fact, many steel gratings are presented in the sight of others, and the same is steel gratings, which are not beautiful and give people a different visual experience. Products with poor feelings, let alone quality.

2. Some buyers tend to save the cost of steel grating. According to the load-bearing requirements, the size and model of the steel grating is close to the minimum load-bearing value. At present, the main purpose of steel grating is to leave people or place equipment. In this case, there are hidden dangers in safety. Especially in some private contractors.

3. When customizing the size, some buyers often divide the size according to the drawings. They do not take into account that the steel grating has its own restrictions during production and processing. The selected size is not necessarily the ideal steel grating size. The size is best negotiated by engineers and technicians in steel grating production enterprises.

4. In fact, these misunderstandings are understandable and can be avoided. Get out of the misunderstandings and choose suitable products. If the price is one-sided, many hidden dangers will arise. The most suitable product is the ideal product.

Each company has its own purchasing unit, and the customers of Mingrun Steel Grating Plant are no exception. How to purchase low-cost and high-quality steel grating is the distress of the steel grating purchasing manager. It is not difficult, whether it is registration. Tens of millions of large companies are still small individual businesses. As long as they have the production qualifications, they can produce good products, but don’t find some laymen who don’t know how to buy them. They will definitely not be able to buy cheap and good quality. product.